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NanomarkerTM taggants are a proprietary technology providing customizable forensic authentication for brand owners around the globe. Impossible to replicate and easily verified by the owner, Nanomarker taggants can be integrated into any product or packaging providing ultimate protection for brand owners.


Nanomarker taggant's construction can vary based on application durability requirements and can include customizable images, brand marks or algorithms for verification.

  • Microscopic Nanomarker taggants


    Microscopic markers are 20-700 microns in size
  • Customized Nanomarker taggants


    Construction varies based on application durability requirements
  • Personalized Nanomarker taggants as brandmarks


    Unique images, brand marks, symbols, algorithms, and HD/2D barcodes
  • Integrated Nanomarker taggants


    Can be integrated in packaging substrates and/or the actual products



With product or packaging integration, countless options for customization and easy user verification, Nanomarker taggants combine versatility and convenience for global brand owners.

Microscopic taggants
Technology that cannot be replicated, removed or altered
Nanomarkers integrated into product
Markers are completely customized to brand owner requirements
Nanomarker integrated into packaging
Simple integration into existing products, labels, packaging, etc.
Nanomarkers verified by smart phone
Easily verified with smart phone or digital microscope
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Brand owner challenge – Solution cost = Nanomarker value

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Nanomarker taggants are a multifaceted IP protected inclusion technology that was originally conceived in 2007 and has been under research and development as a fiber based substrate inclusion since 2010 by Potsdam Specialty Paper Inc.

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